Welcome to flavouroffood.com! Thank you for visiting. On this blog, you will get Indian as well as international recipes to fulfil your hunger. Since we belong to a Maharashtrian family,  you will also find some traditional Maharashtrian recipes.

Who are we

Flavour of Food is managed by two people. One is me Neha and the other is my younger brother Hrishikesh. 

I am Neha Pravin Dusane the founder and content creator of this blog. All recipes on this blog are made by me as well as all the photos included in recipes are also clicked by me. I live in Pune, Maharashtra with my husband and my son. I’m a Post Graduate in Personnel Management. All content of flavouroffood.com is maintained by me.

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And my brother Hrishikesh Prakash Bhardwaj is the co-founder, administrator and editor of flavouroffood.com. All technical stuff such as design, layout, SEO, marketing is done by him. He is a Mechanical Engineer, Digital Marketer and a Certified Nutrition coach. He lives in Nashik, Maharashtra.

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More About us

As I’m very passionate about cooking, I always used to try new recipes and share it with my friends and family. So to continue my passion, We started this blog in September 2019. All the cooking technique and methods used are taught to me by my father. He was also very passionate about cooking. You could say that I inherited my cooking skills from my father.

More About Blog

All recipes on this blog are first tried and tested by me and my family and then shared on the blog. You will find recipes from Indian as well as international cuisine with detailed photos and with step by step process. We do share some suggestions, tricks and notes in every recipe to make the recipe easier so that everybody can cook it at home.

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